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Friday, November 10, 2006

Carlo Adorador, swarthy and sculpted

Carlo Adorador is the Bodyshots 2002 winner and an MTV Fashionista 2001 finalist. I found a website which Gail, his apparent girlfriend/ soulmate put together - I'm not even sure if they are still together now, but it would be interesting to read what she wrote: "To eternity and beyond! The adventures of Carlo and Gail We met in Conservatory. From Conservatory, we went to Temple, then to Halo. We refuse to admit we liked each other at first glance. But before the night ended we knew we just had to hook up again. Carlo says: I knew she was used to all the attention so it wouldnt work, so why add to her ego. Gail says: Everyone thought he was cute bec he was a cosmo hunk and model. But he is too young and too dark for my taste. Now we both say: We just have to make this work. It is forever or nothing. Maybe it was the grind in Halo? Maybe it was destiny. A fortune teller predicted we would find each other and we did. He said too we were soul far, so good." Well, all I can say is - good luck!

As usual, here are the photos of Carlo Adorador, our featured hunk, here all swarthy and, his features sculpted.


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