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Friday, September 15, 2006

James Blanco, the immaculate

A near-fatal car accident left a big scar on James Blanco’s right arm, so he’ll never forget it all his life. "It happened when I was seven years old," said James. "The rented jeep we were riding in turned turtle and I was thrown out of it."

That intimation of mortality happened again three years ago when his mother died, a tragedy that has left a gnawing pain in James’ heart. "She was young," said James. "Until then, I thought that only old people die." That’s why James has learned to value life perhaps unlike many people his age.

"Life is short and precious, so why bother with petty things?," he added.

"Petty things" such as, yes, showbiz intrigues.

"I don’t let them affect me," assured James who was rumored to have cut ties with his first manager, Popoy Caritativo, after more than five years because he got jealous of Popoy’s other talent, Dennis Trillo, who is getting the big breaks and hogging the spotlight without his meaning to.

"Dennis is my friend," said James who’s now in the stable of Arnold Vegafria, "and I have nothing against him. I don’t have any hard feelings for Popoy who has helped me a lot."

Discovered via the Lifebuoy TV commercial which rightly portrayed him as a Mama’s Boy ("I am"), James has been in the business for six years, introduced in Regal Films’ Cool Dudes with Cogie Domingo and Danilo Barrios. He has done six other movies after that (the last was Canary Films’ Kutob, shown at last year’s Metro Manila Filmfest).

Second to the eldest among five children, James quit his studies when showbiz beckoned (he was then a B.S. Marketing junior at the Philippine School of Business Administration in Quezon City).

James stands 5’8.5", weighs 145 lbs., has a 30-inch waistline, and wears medium-size briefs and size-10 shoes.


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